Goofiness and Family Are the Two Main Themes in this Card Game - The Toy Insider

The only way to win this quick-thinking card game is to create the funniest scenarios or phrases! Think: Cards Against Humanity, but a family-friendly version. Relative Insanity is brought to you by PlayMonster Fun and Jeff Foxworthy!

Have a Bunch O Fun With Avengers Bunch O Balloons - The Toy Insider

SCIENTIFIC WATER BALLOON BREAKTHROUGH: Bunch O Balloons Marvel Avengers, from Zuru Toys Company, has created an ingenious way to fill up water balloons. Click the 🔗 to find how to fill up these balloons in just seconds:

Put Your Brain to Work with Kanoodle Head to Head - The Toy Insider

FACT: Brainteasers will either make one feel incredibly smart, or incredibly silly 😂 Kanoodle Head to Head, from Educational Insights, will challenge players not only to correctly solve the puzzle, but to solve it before their opponent ⏳

Teach the Tots to Read With Dr. Seuss's 100 First Words - The Toy Insider

Want to teach your LO how to read but not sure where to start? Dr. Seuss’s 100 First Words, published by Random House, is the perfect book to ease them into the process! Read our full review here:

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Now that's what we call a #TransformationTuesday! With Scruff-a-Luvs from Moose Toys, kids will rescue these abandoned balls of fur (left) and nurture and groom them until they are back in good spirits (right) ❤️ Click the 🔗 to learn more:

This Farting Dog Will Be a Game Night Staple - The Toy Insider

Once upon time, there was a stinky pup named Gass. He was full of farts 🤢 Thanks to Scentos, kids can now bring Gass home and play a game of chance with him where he'll randomly release a special scent (that could be sweet-smelling!) on players. Fingers crossed that he won't release his pungent butt fumes on you 💩🐶

This Card Game Will Have You Sitting On Aunt Susie's Lap - The Toy Insider

Have a big family outing coming up? Pile Pandomonium, from White Pine Games, can accommodate up to 54 people and will have players piling on to family member's laps—literally! Not recommended for those who have personal space issues 😂

Calico Critters Had Babies and They're Too Cute - The Toy Insider

ICYMI Calico Critters from @EpochEverlastingPlay had babies and they're SO adorable that our dogs are getting jealous 😂 ❤️

What should kids aged 3 to 5 be playing with this spring/summer? We recommend Cakepop Cuties from Basic Fun Toys, Crate Creatures Surprise from MGA Entertainment, H2ogo! Slime and Splash waterslide from Bestway, and more! Full list here:

Sweet Suite 2018: Invitation Application - The Toy Insider

We're going to raise the roof of Pier 60 on July 11 at #SweeySuite18! Our pals Cartoon Network, Spin Master Global, Playmates Toys Inc., and more are all joining us for the biggest night of play. Have you applied for an invite yet?

Toys for Children with Autism on Better Western Mass - The Toy Insider

Not sure what to buy for a child with autism? Toy Insider Parent Charlene Chronicles stopped by Western Mass News in Springfield to talk about the best toys for children on the spectrum:

BiOBUDDi Block Sets from Snap Toys Are Eco Friendly! | A Toy Insider Play by Play

Learn numbers, letters, shapes, and more with Snaptoys' #BiOBUDDi line of 100-percent recyclable blocks!

Sweet Suite 2018: Invitation Application - The Toy Insider

3Doodler, Relevant Play, Alex Brands, Magformers, and more will be joining us at Pier 60 on July 11 for #sweetsuite18—aka the biggest night of PLAY. Wanna come? It's still not too late to apply!

Toy Reviews - 2017 Spring and Summer Toy Guide - Toy Insider

Our gift guide is broken into six categories to help you find what you want. Choose from: outdoor, water, travel toys & games, physical/active toys, nature & educational toys, and entertainment toys!

Save Sprinkleton with Quick Wits in Monster Match - The Toy Insider

No monster is taking our doughnuts, YA HEARD!?!? 😂 In Monster Match from North Star Games, players have to catch the doughnut stealing monsters and get their sweet treats back! 😲

This Incredible Power Couple Is #Relationshipgoals - The Toy Insider

Forget John Legend and Chrissy Teigenn, The Incredibles 2 Power Couple from JAKKS Pacific is actual #relationshipgoals 😍 Better yet, this incredible couple teaches kids the importance of teamwork 💯 🙌

This Farting Dog Will Be a Game Night Staple - The Toy Insider

Bring this farting dog game of chance from Scentos home! Hopefully he won't pass stinky gas on you 💩🐶👎🏻

Zits Is a Pimple Poppin' Party - The Toy Insider

TBH, these ZITS from NSI International are weirdly more satisfying to pop than your own real life pimples, ya know, if you're into that stuff... 😬😅

Best Baby Toys on Better Connecticut - The Toy Insider

There are a lot of things they don't tell you about having a baby in the handbook—and one of them is what toys to buy! 🤣 That's what we're here for. Senior editor Marissa DiBartolo stopped by Better Connecticut to tell us what should be on our shopping lists for baby 👶🏽

Free Toy Giveaway - Sun's Out Fun's Out - Toy Insider

We don't want your summer to be a bummer ☹️—which is why we're giving away $1,500 worth of toys this summer as part of our #SunsOutFunsOut giveaway 😎 Enter to win between May 5th and June 22nd!

Did Somebody Say Fingerlings Puzzles? - The Toy Insider

Fingerlings puzzles are soon to be a thing and we're so hyped! Our only concern—how will we be able to piece together a puzzle if we're ALWAYS wearing Fingerlings by WowWee on our hands? We never wanna put our babies down #obsessed 🤣

Watch Caterpillars Transform Into Butterflies With This DIY Set From Insect Lore - The Toy Insider

For three weeks, The Toy Insider family watched our little caterpillars flourish into beautiful butterflies with Insect Lore's Butterfly Garden Gift Set. We had some laughs and some cries, but eventually we had to let them fly out into the wild where they belong (we miss you Dwight). You too, can raise your own butterflies with this kit and experience the feeling of being a butterfly parent!

Free Toy Giveaway - Sun's Out Fun's Out - Toy Insider

If you like toys and winning free stuff (I mean—who doesn't?), then you're going to need to sit down for this 😅. We're giving away $1,500 worth of toys this summer as part of our #SunsOutFunsOut giveaway! Click the link to enter ://

DYNACRAFT BIKES! | A Toy Insider Play by Play

Get outside this summer and ride with these bikes from Dynacraft!

Marvelous Musical Toys Live from Toy Fair 2018 - The Toy Insider

It's Friday—let's rock n' roll! 🎸🎶 Here are some musical toys that we give a standing ovation!

Sweet Suite 2018: Invitation Application - The Toy Insider

Psst psst....did you hear that Wicked Cool Toys, Toy Target, Spin Master Global, and more are coming to #sweetsuite18? Did you also hear that you can apply for an invite right here to join in on all the fun? 😃

Tweens can be tricky to shop for! You're constantly questioning whether a toy is too old or too young for them 😐. Rest assured, we compiled all the 🔥 spring and summer tween toys right here:

Free Toy Giveaway - Sun's Out Fun's Out - Toy Insider

Do you fancy FREE TOYS? 🤠 We're giving away $1,500 worth of toys this summer as part of our #SunsOutFunsOut giveaway! 😎 Stay cool with these hot toys 👌

Design Trendy #OOTD Styles with Fashion Press Paper Fashion Maker - The Toy Insider

Get 👏 ready 👏 to 👏serve 👏 some 👏 looks (with no hassle) 💃! The new Fashion Press Paper Fashion Maker, from Kahootz Toys, lets kids design, create, and style runway looks—no tracing or cutting needed. Simply press, roll, punch, and design 👌💯

Embrace Peace and Harmony with Enchantimals - The Toy Insider

Remember The Cheetah Girls*? They always incorporated their Cheetah stripes into all their outfits 👌 Enter Enchantimals, a a group of girls that share characteristics with their animal best friends:

Spring Into Playtime on The Today Show - The Toy Insider

It finally feels like spring—commence the springtime activities 🌸! Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht stopped by The Today Show to talk about the hottest new toys of the spring. Let me just say, we are LIVING for these toys 🙌

Why Kids Should Keep a Journal—And Why You Should NEVER Read It! - The Toy Insider

The kids are at school and their journals are laying around the house—it's so easy to peek! TI Parent Drew Bennett (BenSpark Family Adventures) warns us about why we SHOULDN'T snoop:

Free Toy Giveaway - Sun's Out Fun's Out - Toy Insider

GIVEAWAY ALERT! We're giving away $1,500 worth of toys this summer as part of our #SunsOutFunsOut giveaway 😎! Enter to win before June 22nd!

Bring the Spa Home with Alex's DIY Bath Bombs - The Toy Insider

#SelfCareSunday, amiright? Let the kids unwind with some DIY bathbombs from Alex Brands. The best part is after kids make them, they can drop them into the water and watch as they explode with fizzy colors and delicious scents! 🌸

Blast Off Into Summer with the Super Wings Bubble Blast Jett - The Toy Insider

Super Wings Bubble Blast Jett, from Alpha Group US, will delight Super Wings fans with hours of bubbly outdoor fun. Kids can wave Jet up and down and create a mesmerizing bubble jet effect 😯

Antsy Pants Kits Let Kids Build Up Imagination - The Toy Insider

Move over pillow and blanket forts. With Antsy Pants Build and Play Sets, kids can construct creations such as a charming citrus-inspired Lemonade Stand, a striped circus tent, or a soft pink and blue fairy tale castle. Take a look here:

Kids Toys For Summer - Online Toy Reviews - The Toy Insider

What should kids aged 6 to 8 be playing with this spring/summer? We recommend Fingerling Minis from WowWee, Funky Chicken from North Star Games, Latch Kits from Kahootz Toys and more! Check out our grade school section of our gift guide for a complete list:

CUPCAKE SURPRISE MINI! | A Toy Insider Play by Play

Delectable and collectible Cupcake Surprise Minis from Sunny Days Entertainment have arrived! #CupcakeSurprise

The Pop Insider | Fuel Your Fandom

Hey folks! We have some exciting news today for #StarWarsDay! As you know, The Toy Insider focuses on children's toys, but what about all us adults that play with toys? Time to get EXCITED! Born today is The Pop Insider, for all us geeky unicorns who absolutely eat, breathe, sleep pop culture! YASSS 👏 Check it out! 🙌

Toy Reviews - 2017 Spring and Summer Toy Guide - Toy Insider

*NSYNC once said "Baby bye, bye, bye." We here at The Toy Insider like to say "Maybe buy buy buy...... these toys if you need a super cool gift for a child. 😳" Yeah, it doesn't roll off the tongue too easily. ANYWAY, check out our Summer and Spring Gift Guide stacked with toys for all age groups, price ranges, and categories.

Sweet Suite 2018: Invitation Application - The Toy Insider

#SweetSuite18 is the place to be on July 11. Guests will get the opportunity to meet and play with the hottest toys from Crayola, Cartoon Network, Cupcake Surprise, Spin Master Global and more! Wanna get in on the fun?

How to Help a Child Cope with the Passing of a Pet - The Toy Insider

Alright this article is a little heavy, but definitely worth the read for any families with house pets 🐶. TI Parent Charlene Chronicles shares some tips with us on how to help children cope with the loss of a pet.

How to Toss Aside Training Wheels from Your Kid's Bike - The Toy Insider

Taking the training wheels off your kids' bikes can be wheely scary 😅! TI Parent A GEEK DADDY BLOG shares some tips with us to make this process run smoother!

Magnaflex Construction Toy - Building Toys - The Toy Insider

WowWee's Magnaflex creative construction kits sure know how to impress 👌These colorful magnetic strips are flexible, bendable, stackable, and connectible, allowing kids to create any 2-D or 3-D structures they can imagine 🌈. Woo hoo!

Crack the Case with Detective Pikachu - The Toy Insider

The name is Pikkachu, Detective Pikkachu 🕵️‍♂️. Detective Pikachu, designed for the Nintendo DS family of consoles, allows players to explore Ryme City and work with Pikkachu in order to crack a special case.

Calico Critters Had Babies and They're Too Cute - The Toy Insider

Eeep! Calico Critters, from Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC, had babies and they're SO adorable. Check out our review here: 😍

Amp Up That Sidewalk Chalk Game With Crayola Spiral Art - The Toy Insider

Here's something to chalk about 🤣 Kids can easily create intricate chalk masterpieces with the Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk Spiral Art kit! It will have the neighbors wondering how the sidewalk got so #groovy looking 💯

Online Toy Reviews - Infant Toys For Summer - The Toy Insider

There's a lot of hot toys out for spring and summer, but too many of them are designed for older kids 😯 If you're in the market for some baby toys, check out our Infant Summer and Spring Gift Guide:

Tabletop Games - Outburst Review - The Toy Insider

Think you can name Michael Jackson’s top 10 greatest hits? Or 10 types of bears? Or 10 famous people or historical figures with the name “Tom?” Outburst, from Hasbro Gaming, is the explosive shout-it-out game of top 10 lists that you need STAT!

Light Up the Night with NSI International’s Super Wubble Brite - The Toy Insider

Scientist 1: Oh my, Charles you have to look at this! Come quick!

*Scientist 2 runs over*

Scientist 2: Joinx! What are those kids playing with? Is that a...GIANT GLOWING BUBBLE? 😵 #shook #flabbergasted

What were the scientists looking at? See here:

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